• Inventory Management Solutions

    Fully integrated software solutions that cater for all aspects of manufacturing, wholesale and retail.

  • Retail Management Solutions

    Softwear for Fashion caters for all your Retail Software requirements. Designed specifically for footwear and clothing industries Softwear for Fashion covers Stock, Sales, Chain Mgmt, Merchandising & Planning, Cash Mgmt, Laybuys, and Loyalty.

  • Employee Attendance Solutions

    Using biometrics, facial recognition and smart phone GPS, we go beyond time and attendance and take you into the future of employee time management.

  • Stock Management

    Using the latest mobile technologies, Software for Fashion makes keeping track of your stock in stores or within your warehouse is made smart and simple.

  • Business Solutions

    Despite being specialized in certain sectors, Albertina Bay caters for a wide range of business requirements. We are a channel for all major hardware and software brands, as well as accounting, health and safety and sales force tracking solutions.

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The following press release refers to a company that provides software solutions for Manufacturing, Wholesale, Distribution sectors as well as companies dealing in importing. At Albertina Bay, we see retail administration software on a much bigger scale than most. It is more than sales software. Retail administration will involve sales and returns, stock administration, marketing, mark downs, promotions, performance of employees, attendance, the counting of foot traffic, stock taking, managing of cash and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

We have programming solutions to cater for many business sectors. Most Companies will have software for various projects such as reports, stock management etc. This doesn’t mean that the software being used is specialized and designed for that particular sector. Business needs will differ and this is where our fully integrated software combined with the latest of technologies sets us apart from the rest. Although we are specialized in certain sectors, Albertina Bay has the foresight and expertise to cater to a diverse range of business requirements.

This includes the supply of all major hardware and software brands including accounting, health and safety as well as sales force tracking solutions. Many of our clients have a need for precise and accurate production Planning. This is the very reason why our fully integrated software solutions were designed to cater to all aspects of manufacturing, wholesale and retail. Albertina Bay has the experience to recognize ongoing operational requirements within the Footwear manufacturing sector in South Africa.

With this knowledge we have developed software for the fashion industry that is precise and dependable. It provides a complete and multifunctional point of sale (POS) software that is fully synchronized between both head office and store. Our software for retail chains is ideal for managing budgeting, purchasing, merchandising, distribution, loyalty, campaign management, store KPI’s, store and staff management, chain inventory control and management, lay-buy management, chain distribution and stock-in- transit management.

Our solid support structure enables us to provide solutions to businesses throughout the world. We are also proud to offer our clients full comprehensive training for our software. Training can be provided on-site, on a one to one basis or even remote training via the Internet. We are also a proud Microsoft partner which enables us to train clients on major Microsoft products. Due to over 35 years of industry specific knowledge in various sectors, we are able to also offer clients consulting regarding the Footwear Manufacturing as well as the Wholesale & Retail sectors.


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